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In order to carry out all the projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Name Chairs Description
Community Services - Conduct a community survey to determine community needs - Invite community leaders to club meeting to discuss community needs - Analyze results from survey and leader meeting to develop service project - Bring to club any community requests with detailed explanation
Finance and Fundraising - Annual financial audit of club accounts and reports to club leadership - Outline fundraiser get club involved - Educates the club and community about an issue
Human and Spiritual Values Nondenominational support of religious and spiritual values.
Membership and Education Committee Responsibilites: - Establish new member goal counts - Devlop new member prospect list - Involve members in recruitment - Invite and obtain acceptance of membership from prospects - Work to constantly retain current members - Educate new members through orientation - Provide continuing education to all members
Public Relations - Establish and develop media contacts - Create well-written and branded communications - Create a web presence that attracts attention. - Communicate to the community your goals, projects and intentions - Engage with the community to provide an avenue for communication of community need - Cultivate relations that provide support to the club
Service Leadership Program/Sponsored Youth Services The committee sponsors the Cardinal High School Key Club and Middle School Builder's Club, selects and awards scholarships and assists and guides youth to become good citizens.
Young Children Priority One Committee focues on children up to age 5 with special focus in these areas: - Maternal and child health - Child care and development - Parent education and support - Safety and pediatric trauma Committee selects project and involves group members to complete